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In the French department we seek to promote local, European and global awareness and to encourage respect for and tolerance of other cultures.

Key Stage 3

Throughout Years 8, 9 and 10 the French language is explored via active learning in order to develop the core linguistic skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing required to function competently in situations where understanding and communication are necessary or at least helpful. By the end of the Key Stage, pupils will have experienced a range of topic areas useful when travelling to French speaking communities as tourists or indeed when seeking to develop their future career paths.


Mrs Ferguson

Key Stage 4

In Key Stage 4 there will be opportunities to study a GCSE level 2 or equivalency in modern language studies.

A qualification in a foreign language or associated subject serves as an excellent asset in the modern workplace opening up many doors to possibilities and opportunities.

British Council Foundation International School Award

In Movilla High School we are proud achievers of the British Council Foundation International School Award.


Learning of vocabulary
Revision/preparation for Assessment Windows
Speaking/listening task rehearsal
Cloze procedure/matching
Extended writing practice
Project work

7 per term in Years 8, 9 and 10

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