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Art & Design


Welcome to the Art Department. Here at Movilla High School we aim to develop students' understanding and appreciation of the visual arts. In the Art department we actively encourage self-expression and creativity. Students learn a wide variety of transferable skills, such as time management, problem solving and the ability to work with others. Qualities that are essential for the modern world. 


Mrs A O'Connor (HoD)

Miss L Gartland


At KS3 students are timetabled 2 lessons per week. During this time, they are encouraged to explore a wide range of artistic materials and disciplines. This enables them to build a bank of knowledge that can be easily transferred as they progress through school. 

At KS3 students will have the opportunity to develop 2D skills which include drawing, painting, the use of soft pastel and oil pastels, collage with a variety of materials, printmaking and mixed media work, photography and Photoshop. They will also be able to explore various methods of 3D construction using ceramics, wire, Paper Mache and found objects. 

Students learn to evaluate their work and that of their peers. They explore a variety of work by contemporary Artists from the local and international artistic community, developing an understanding of the world around them. They will also explore and learn from the major art movements in history, touching on mental health issues, effects of war, the environment and social context.


At KS4 students are timetabled for 4 lessons per week and have the option of additional teacher contact time 1 class afterschool. Students will further develop the skills they experienced at KS3.

The course comprises 2 elements. 

●      The Core Portfolio

●      Working to Stimulus

The Core Portfolio (60%)

Part A is an exploratory project that is designed to allow students to experience and experiment with a wide variety of materials and processes. During this time students will sample a variety of painting and drawing styles using a variety of media. They will try a range of printmaking techniques and develop ideas in a 3D context. Students will all follow a set theme but are encouraged to begin to develop their own ideas and personalise their projects.

Part B is a commission-based project. Students will therefore be given a starting point from which they develop their own project and final outcome. Students are encouraged to develop their own ideas with support and guidance from their teacher. They will have a weekly tutorial to discuss ideas and plan the next piece of work and research. 

Working to a Stimulus (40%)

This component is set by CCEA. Students have 3 months to develop a project around the exam stimulus provided. Like in the coursework element, students will be supported in their research and ideas as they progress towards their final outcome. 


GCSE Drop In - Monday and Wednesday after-school club - 3.15-4.15

Y8 Doodle Club - Thursday Lunchtime

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