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Safeguarding & Child Protection

Movilla High School regards the emotional and behavioural well-being of all our pupils of the utmost importance. The school has, in conjunction with Board of Governors and best practice advice from Education Authority (South Eastern Region), reviewed a number of policies in order to provide a consistent approach across the school to various issues that may arise.

These policies provide a framework for all our staff to maintain a consistency on issues such as Safeguarding, Teaching and Learning, and Child Protection and eSafety.

The Designated teacher for Safeguarding and Child Protection is Mrs E Laird.

Mr Bell is Deputy Designated Teacher.

Rev S Doherty is Designated Governor.

Designated Team Members:

Mrs Gilpin, Miss Gouin, Miss Dunn, Mrs Howell, Mr Lyons

Hard copies of all our policies are available in writing on request. If you require a particular policy please do not hesitate to e-mail us at the school's information account on

The following policies relevant to pupil welfare can be accessed in the “POLICIES” tab of our website;


MHS Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy (revised Sept 2020)

Addendum to MHS Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy (Jan 2021)

Remote/blended learning Policy (Jan 2021)

Intimate Care Policy (Sept 2019)

Parental Communication Policy (Sept 2019)

eSafety Policy (Sept 2020)

Acceptable Use of Technology policy (Sept 2020)


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