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Key Stage 3

Key Stage 3 applies to pupils aged 11–14 in school years 8, 9 and 10.

The Revised NI Curriculum is delivered through Areas of Learning organised as subjects and taught by subject specialists. Pupils’ experiences also include more enquiry-based, problem-centred, and decision-making activities.

This programme of study at KS3 reflects the requirements of the NI Curriculum, falling into nine areas of learning:

  • Business and Communications Systems

  • English and Literacy

  • Mathematics and Financial Capabilities

  • The Arts (Art and Design, Music and Drama)

  • Environment and Society (History and Geography)

  • Learning for Life and Work (Personal Development, Local & Global Citizenship, Employability and Home Economics)

  • Modern Languages (French)

  • Physical Education

  • Science and Technology

  • Religious Education

This KS3 curriculum is delivered through the use of a wide range of teaching and learning strategies which employ independent, paired and group work.  Across all learning areas, pupils are encouraged to develop their skills in problem solving, self-management, managing information and working with others.


AW3 Revision

Home Economics

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