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Introduction to CEIAG


Given the ever changing world of employment trends and the unpredictable nature of the economic climate, it is increasingly important to ensure that all young people are equipped with the essential employability skills to manage their learning pathways and associated transitions. Movilla High School works closely with the other members of the North Down and Ards Area Learning Community to deliver a high quality CEIAG programme, which is tailor-made to meet each pupil’s specific need.


Pupils in the junior school have one period of “Employability” per week, delivered by a specialist Employability teacher.

Pupils in the senior class have one period of “Careers” per week, delivered by a specialist Careers teacher.

Pupils in Year 12 spend a week out of school on work experience in an area of employment of interest to them.


All pupils have access to the Careers Suite Library. Extensive use is made of careers related materials throughout their time in school – booklets, magazines, leaflets, DVDs, Sixth Form/FurtherEducation/Higher Education Prospectuses, application forms.

All pupils have access to careers related computer programs - Odyssey, Pathfinder and Pathfinder Live, JED, CD ROMs, Careers websites.

Pupils in the senior school have access to visiting speakers and site visits – Hamilton Russell Opticians, North Down Training, South Eastern Regional College, Royal Marines, Royal Navy, Army, Royal Air Force, Academy of Hair and Beauty, North Down Careers Convention.


Through our partnership with the Department of Employment and Learning Careers Service,Year 12 pupils receive individual careers advice from Careers Officers.

Pupils also receive vital advice from the Careers Staff, Teaching Staff, Employers and Parents.


All pupils receive vital guidance from the Careers Staff, Teaching Staff, Employers and Parents, at all stages in their career at the school.

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