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Subject Outline

Drama is currently taught to pupils in Year 8 and 9. They receive one 45 minute period each week. The drama course covers theoretical and practical elements.

Pupils will study:

  • Theatre Conventions

  • Design – Costume, Set, Sound, Lighting

  • Creation – devising and script writing

  • Performance skills

The benefits of studying drama

Drama is a fantastic subject for all pupils to study. There is something for everyone due to the many roles involved. Through the study of drama, pupils are able to grown in confidence, become better communicators and develop empathy and understanding.

Drama allows pupils to explore their personality and try new things in a safe environment. It enables them to consider different viewpoints by looking at the motivations of characters through activities like ‘thought tracking’, ‘conscience alley’ and ‘hot seating’.


Miss Dunn (HoD)

Members of Lyric Theatre Schools’ Affiliation Scheme 2021-2022

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KS3 Course Outline

Pupils receive one 45 minute period of drama each week. The drama course covers theoretical and practical elements. Pupils will study:

Theatre Conventions

Design – Costume, Set, Sound, Lighting 

Creation – devising and script writing

Performance skills

Homework and Assessment

Pupils will complete a variety of homework tasks throughout the year. This includes research, design, writing and line learning. Pupils will receive one homework a month.

Pupils will be assessed through written exam and practical performance.

KS4 Course Outline

Pupils have the opportunity to study either GCSE Drama or BTEC Performing Arts Level 2.

GCSE Drama


Students choose one of two pathways for the study of GCSE Drama: Performance or Design. Drama encourages them to work with others and to be creative, generating ideas and devising performances and sets. As well as studying performance skills and design, pupils also explore the social, cultural and historical influences on drama texts.

Pupils are assessed at the end of the two year course on the following components. 

Component 1: Devised Performance 25% Controlled Assessment

Component 2: Scripted Performance 35% Controlled Assessment

Component 3: Knowledge and Understanding of Drama 40% External Exam


For more information, go to the CCEA website.


BTEC Performing Arts

BTEC Performing Arts is a portfolio based vocational course. Pupils are able to following the performance route or design route as they move through the course. The course takes a three strand approach: Explore, learning about the different roles; Develop, looking at the skills involved: Apply, putting on a performance.



Component 1: Explore, 30% internal assessment

Component 2: Develop, 30% internal assessment

Component 3: Apply, 40% externally assessed


A weekly drama club is held in the LDT and led by Miss Dunn for pupils in all year groups who are interested in drama. We play lots of drama games, have mini competitions and work on our performance skills. We look forward to being able to resume this as soon as possible.

Working with outside agencies

In 2019-2020, Year 9 worked with ‘Terra Nova Productions’, in conjunction with North Down and Ards Borough Council on ‘No Hate Here’. This was a project aimed at tackling Hate Crime. There were four schools involved in the project with each school given a different perspective to consider. We were looking at the PSNI perspective while others looked at the community, the perpetrator and the victim. Pupils had the opportunity to explore the theme of Hate Crime and from this, they were able to contribute ideas and devise their own performance.

Pupils were due to visit the three other schools to perform culminating in a final performance at The Queen’s Hall in Newtownards. Unfortunately, this was put on hold due to Covid-19 but we look forward to resuming this project as soon as possible.

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