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Departmental Aims


ICT in an integral part of our daily lives, controlling many aspects of the world around us. New technologies emerge almost every day and with this comes lots of opportunities for careers in ICT or Digital Technologies.


Here in Movilla High School we recognise the importance of ICT in employment and aim to provide our pupils with the opportunity to sample a wide range of applications of ICT in a variety of contexts.


  • Miss B McCord – HOD/ICT Manager

  • Miss J Gouin

  • Mr D Mercer

  • Mr W Weir - ICT Technician 

In September 2021 Movilla High School was awarded the Cyberfirst Silver Award by The National Cyber Security Centre in recognition of its delivery of good standards of cybersecurity and education.   Movilla High School is one of five schools in Northern Ireland who have been awarded the silver award.


As a member of The National Cyber Security Scheme pupils at Movilla High School are offered opportunities to take part in local and national activities and competitions, as well as opportunities to engage with local and national companies involved in digital technology and cyber security.

Silver Cyberfirst mark.jpg

Our aims in using ICT in Learning and Teaching are to:

  • Extend and enhance learning across all areas of the curriculum;

  • Contribute to raising standards in literacy, numeracy and other areas of learning;

  • Encourage pupils to select and use ICT appropriate to the task;

  • Develop skills in the use of ICT and the ability to apply these skills in a range of curricular contexts;

  • Instil in children a sense of confidence, achievement and enjoyment;

  • Enable pupils to extend their learning beyond the school environment;

  • Enable pupils to develop the skills of using ICT safely and responsibly in a safe learning environment.

Key Stage 3


KS3 ICT is taught as a discreet subject in Years 8, 9 and 10 covering a range of activities which develop the pupils’ skills and capabilities. The curriculum provides a framework which prepares the pupils to become:


Digital Citizens with the skills that will enable them to take part in digital aspects of society, safely and without hindrance;


Digital Workers who are able to apply their digital skills to further their learning or in a work-related setting; and


Digital Makers who are starting to build their own technology.


The pupils are taught the necessary requirements for Using ICT across the curriculum.
Subject areas are required to identify, in their schemes of work, where they use ICT to enhance skills and learning. Using ICT is assessed as one of the statutory cross-curricular skills and is reported on using Levels of Progression.


Key Stage 4


All pupils are given the opportunity to follow an ICT course in Years 11 and 12 which suits their interests and abilities.


Courses offered include GCSE Digital Technology, OCN NI Level 2 Certificate in ICT and OCN NI Certificate Level 2 Creative Arts and Digital Technology, BTEC First Award L1/2 in Information and Creative Technology.



Pupils have access to ICT through the school network provided by C2K. Pupils access the network via a unique username and password.

Movilla High School takes into account the ICT experiences of pupils outside of school. We cannot assume all pupils have access to a personal computer. To aid with this the school offers an after school homework club with full access to the school network.



Minecraft Club - held at lunch time - Monday for Year 8 and 9 and Tuesday for Year 10. 

ICT Extended Learning/Homework Club – 3.15 pm – 4.15 pm

Cyberfirst Girls Competition for Year 9 girls (after school - arranged as required)

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