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Key Stage 3

All Years 8, 9 and 10 pupils follow a course looking at various aspects of Mathematics: - Number Work, Algebra, Shapes, Space and Measurement and Handling Data.

Work is also carried out by the pupils in KS3 which helps their understanding and their ability to apply Mathematics to various situations across the curriculum, including Financial Capability.


Mrs C Keys (Head of Department)

Mr D Lyons

Mr S Dolan

Miss L Saunderson

Key Stage 4

At KS4 pupils in Year 11 and 12 follow a CCEA GCSE Course in Mathematics for the two years. This course is a modular course and pupils will have part of their GCSE examined in Year 11 (45%) and the rest in Year 12 (55%).

Maths Watch VLE

This is a virtual learning environment which is available to all pupils, both for use in school and at home.  Mathswatch covers the full range of topics at KS3 and KS4, providing pupils the opportunity to use video support material, as well as online assignments, which give immediate feedback.

Our pupils use Mathswatch for homework and any form of remote learning.  Mathswatch assignments can also be used regularly in the classroom, especially revision tasks for assessments, as our pupils have access to ‘class sets’ of Ipads and also an ICT resource room in the Maths teaching block.


Homework is assigned weekly to pupils using Google Classroom.  Homework is completed using the Mathswatch virtual learning environment and follows the scheme of work for each year group. A homework assignment will include video support and practice questions, which are checked online immediately, before the pupil completes a set assignment.

Using this method allows all homework to be recorded in the system and each pupil can easily see their profile of scores throughout the year.  If a pupil is absent from school for any reason, the homework is there in the system and can be completed at any time, allowing the pupil to catch up easily.

Year 8 

12 Homework Assignments per Term

Year 9

12 Homework Assignments per Term

Year 10

12 Homework Assignments per Term

Year 11

12 – 16 ( Extra revision assignments may be allocated for GCSE module preparation)

Year 12

12 – 16 ( Extra revision assignments may be allocated for GCSE module preparation)

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