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Movilla High School is committed to meeting the learning needs of all its students regardless of academic abilities or learning barriers.


Sometimes pupils may need extra help and support with their work in various subjects throughout school. In Movilla this support is provided either by the Learning Support Co-ordinator –Mr Martin, Learning Support Centre (LSC), Autism Support Class (ASC) or through external agencies. 

Support Offered

The Learning Support team provides a caring, consistent and fun environment in which pupils can practise and learn new skills to enable them to achieve in their academic endeavours and break down their barriers to learning.

The support provided includes:

  • Small targeted learning groups for literacy, numeracy and other key skills during Key Stage 3 and 4

  • Support with GCSE study skills and coursework.

  • Individual programmes for pupils with various learning barriers. Eg Behaviour management and Social Skills

  • Reading groups and accelerated reading programme

  • Lunchtime activities

  • Help for pupils for whom English is an additional language

  • Use of Assistive technology


  • Mr Martin (Learning Support Co-ordinator)

  • Mrs Laird (LSC)

  • Mr Heanue (ASC) 

Classroom Assistants

  • Mrs P Smith (Classroom Assistant Co-ordinator) 

  • Mrs S Crothers

  • Mr D Ennis

  • Mr M Crawford

  • Mrs C McKenzie

  • Ms J Young

  • Mrs L Clough

  • Miss J Lynn

  • Ms K Young

  • Miss K Robertson

  • Mr R McMillan

  • Mrs S Harris

  • Mrs K Hawthorne

  • Ms A McCreight

  • Mrs L Drury-Chan

  • Miss C Linden

  • Mrs L Buchanan

  • Mrs L Milliken

  • Mrs K Gardner

  • Mrs C Clulow

  • Mrs A Hanna

Autism Support Class (ASC) 

Our ASC was established in September 2020 to help pupils who have a diagnosis of ASD and Social communication transition successfully from primary school to secondary. The ASC provides pupils with a nurturing small group environment in which they can feel comfortable. 

It is staffed by a teacher and 2 classroom assistants as well as involvement from specialist subject teachers. 

Pupils in the ASC follow the same curriculum (including practical classes) as all of our other Y8 pupils but it is adapted for their academic needs. The ASC is equipped with both a sensory room and also a separate work area which gives pupils various safe places to go to if needed. 

Lunchtimes are supervised in our “HUB” area which provides opportunities for greater socialisation with pupils of similar need. Pupils can also avail of the many extended school lunch activities on offer.  

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